As fate would have it, in 1963 less than 30 days prior to Ray & Martell (Marti) Kaliski starting a 500 unit project in Alameda, Ray saw a foreclosure notice in the Chronicle mentioning a piece of land on the water in Mill Valley. Ray took his wife, B.J. Kaliski, over to look at the property where they both fell in love with the location. With the help of business partner, Vladimar Tursky, Ray convinced Marti to sell the Alameda property and purchase the land that is now the Harbor Point Apartments and The Club at Harbor Point, another piece that is now Strawberry Shores Apartments, plus a few single family home sites.

The 52 units on the hill, that make up the Harbor Point Apartments were built in 1965 & 1966 and were an immediate success, renting out in just a few months. For over 30 years Harbor Point never needed to run ads in the paper to rent the units that became available. In 1998, a concerted effort was made to gradually remodel all the 52 units in the 450 section. Thus far, over 60 percent of those units have been completely remodeled.

In 1972 & 1974 the remaining units were built on Harbor Point Drive and Weatherly Drive, making a total of 220 Harbor Point Apartments units. These apartments were also quickly rented, reaching the same level of success as the 450 section units.

These beautiful homes on Strawberry Point, now house and/or employ three generations of the Kaliski Family, continue to improve, are the best kept apartment units in Marin County, not to mention the greatest amenities of any apartment complex in Marin. The combination of the apartments, fitness center, tennis courts, swimming pools and the Club restaurant, Nourish at Harbor Point, allow our tenants to live a full healthy life in a resort environment and one of the most beautiful settings in the Bay Area.